Best spanish olive oil

Best spanish olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is known worldwide for its health benefits as well as its use in Spanish cuisine and increasingly in the kitchen worldwide. Olive oil has become an essential element in many homes, as well as in many high-level kitchens. At Mallorca Gourmet we want to offer you the chance to try one of the oils that have captivated everyone who has tried it. It is an extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety, grown, collected and made entirely in our Mallorcan lands.

An oil with denomination of origin and that has enviable properties, here we show you:


ficha técnica aceite de oliva


The four main reasons to consume virgin olive oil:


1. An investigation carried out by the Biomedical Research Center (CIBERobn) revealed that, by adding a few drops of raw virgin olive oil in our recipes, it improves blood circulation and prevents discomfort when walking.

2. Olive oil also contains cosmetic properties. Helps hydrate, revitalize, nourish, purify and smooth the face.

3. Thanks to the fact that the oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, it helps reduce the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

4. It is excellent for all that diabetic person, since a spoonful of raw olive oil is very useful to control the amount of glucose in blood.


The other four reasons why you should start consuming extra virgin olive oil:


1. The extra virgin olive oil improves the tasting of food, making your dishes more tasty.

2. Due to its particular flavor, soft but fruity, the oil enhances each dish and enhances the taste of the ingredients without distorting its flavor.

3. Raw is especially recommended to dress salads or simply to taste a good "pà amb oli", to make mayonnaises, or to finish giving a touch to your meat, fish or seafood.

4. Unlike sunflower oil, if we fry the olive oil, we can not penetrate the food thanks to its high cremation point.


From Mallorca Gourmet we strongly recommend that for us it is the best olive oil in Mallorca, for its taste, lightness and taste on the palate, Ca'n Gori Olive Oil has become the number one in our kitchen.


Ca'n Gori is a family business that produces virgin olive oil with denomination of origin in the Mallorcan region of Es Raiguer. Its cultivation imitates the ancient traditions of the Mediterranean, based on an irrigated crop with a separation between trees that exceeds 6 meters, making it easier for olive trees to absorb all the necessary nutrients, distancing themselves from an intensive farming system.  

This is how they get a unique olive oil in Spain.

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