Butifarrón from Mallorca

Butifarrón from Mallorca

We all know the importance of sobrasada in the gastronomy of the Balearic Islands, but it is not the only traditional sausage that we can find there.

Today we come to talk about the importance of butifarón in the islands, a product not so universally known as the Mallorcan sobrasada, but very tasty and nutritious.

For those who do not know what we are talking about, the butifarrón is a type of sausage with a Balearic origin, made with soft parts of pork, meat and blood in some cases.

There are two types of butifarrón, white and black. Both are traditional Balearic gastronomy and both are composed mostly by the same ingredients, the biggest distinction is that black is added to the blood of the pig thus bringing that dark color so characteristic.

The butifarrón unlike other sausages, you can eat "raw" because in its preparation goes through a process of boiling, although it is also often used in stews and rice dishes.

The elaboration:

Traditionally the butifarrón is made with guts and blood of pork, salt, fennel, black pepper and the own guts of the pig to the natural one.

Its preparation is very simple, the difficulty is in the evisceration. First we will crush the meat next to the viscera and then add the blood (in the case of black butifarón).

Once we have the dough, we will add pepper, salt and fennel in the case of black butifarrón, and nutmeg and cinnamon if we are making white butifarrón. Mix well until you get a homogeneous mass.

Finally, we have the most difficult part in making butifarón, fill the small intestine with the help of the machine, make the strings, tie with the string and cook. It is important that if it is the first time that we fill a butifarrón, you do it slowly keeping straight and holding the gut that we are filling, in this way we will avoid that the gut ends up breaking.

Thanks to the cooking we can consume the butifarrón much earlier than other sausages made in the slaughter, since, unlike others, it does not require a healing time.

One of the simplest ways to enjoy this sausage and which we strongly recommend is with a simple slice of bread, oil and tomato and some butifarón slices on top, delicious.

That said, if you have not yet tried this particular sausage or have tried it and want to have it at home to make one of the dishes mentioned or innovate in the kitchen, at Mallorca Gourmet you can find the authentic Mallorcan sausage made in a traditional way without preservatives, dyes and without gluten. In addition, thanks to the fact that it is prepared in an artisanal way, it does not have added carbohydrates, so you can add the butifarrón to your diet as long as we do not exceed it.

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