Sobrasada Black Pig "Poltrú" (From 2kg to 4 kg)

Sobrasada Black Pig "Poltrú" (From 2kg to 4 kg)

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Sobrasada black pig Mallorca "Poltrú"

The "Poltrú" is one of the most genuine pieces of sobrasada of Mallorca. Embedded in natural pig's blind, its size varies depending on each animal.

At least 8 months of cure for commercialization

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Sobrasada black pig Mallorca "Poltrú"

Our long experience in the elaboration of sobrasada for more than 50 years maintaining the traditional and artisan elaboration of the sobrasada of Mallorca as well as the selection of the best raw materials and the mimo with which we treat each piece, give our clients the security of being Enjoying a remarkably authentic product; Whose composition and flavor has been transmitted in Mallorca from generation to generation.

At least 8 months of cure for commercialization

All our products are selected to offer our customers the best quality.


Pork (Bacon and lean).

Sweet paprika.


Natural species (pepper).

Antioxidants (E-321-3-2020).

SPAIN 10 14 651 / PM EEC.

Data sheet
Ingredients sobrasada Pork (Xulla and lean), sweet pepper, salt and natural species.
Gluten Gluten free
Lactose No lactose
Conservation Minimum 10 months at room temperature.
Production area Mallorca (Inca)
Antioxidants ( E-321 - E-320 )
Transport Vacuum packed (usually)
Time of transport 48/72 hours approximately

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